Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Presidents Message    

Members of the LOC,

I hope the start of a new year finds you well. I want to give you all an update on all that your board has been working on since September.The LOC volunteer board members that you elected in September have been meeting twice a month for zoom calls. These members have loyally represented the LOC shareholders in all of our board decisions. Here are just a few items we have accomplished and continue to tirelessly work on.
  • The Board has approved an operating budget and a reserve fund budget for 2021.

  • The Board has approved two appointed positions: membership Coordinator - Mary DeAngelo and Environmental Health Coordinator - Mike KsenichKsenich (These positions were created at the retirement of Russ Pepe as corporate administrator)

  • The Board has approved to secure a P.O. box for the LOC establishing a new corporate address.

  • Work has been completed in updating and securing the LOC insurance policy.

  • Full board approval to have an outside investment firm working with our investment committee

  • Full board approval to have an outside audit of the LOC

  • The board has approved the recommendations of the strategic planning committee to focus on the following projects for 2021.
    • Securing an engineering firm through our RFP process to repair the number of inlets that contribute to the large sedimentation coming into the lake and a proposed plan to dredge portions of the lake as well as repairing or replacing the dam itself.
    • Make minor repairs to the damm
    • The creation of a LOC thread or walking trail system with signs.
    • Improving the boat launch area.

Click to download the LOC Dashboard Operations Initiatives

The board is very interested in your vision,if any,on the community use of the clubhouse.
Survey coming soon.

Major projects :
Dam repair/replacement/dredging/inlets: We are making minor repairs to the dam and the Board is securing RFP’S with engineering firms to secure the best pathway forward.

Sewer system: Constant communication with DEP and New Milford township are slowly moving forward. The township is adversely dragging their feet on this project while Bill is tirelessly working to move this project forward.

At this point I can’t thank the board enough for all their time and effort to ensure that our community continues to be a great place for all shareholders to enjoy and take pride in.

God Bless
Randy DeAngelo

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