Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Presidents Message    
Greetings to all Lakeside Outing Club Members.

Welcome to the 2018 season at the lake. Thus far, the weather has been cold and wet. I hope the summer is not a continuation of spring. We had around 10" of ice this year but it was not all season. The ice was unsafe much of the winter with warm spells.

This spring I attended the Pa Lake Management Society meeting in State College Pa. The main topic was browning of lakes. Meaning many lakes have more sediment, more dissolved material in the water. This is a worldwide issue not just here in the northeast.

The changes affect the fish and habitat quality. Reasons why are many more heavy rains. Heavy rainfall in the northeast has increased by 70%. This brings in more sediments and nutrients than normal. Browner lakes have increased PH levels. That changes fish and plant growth over time. Good news is that acid rain is much decreased from its peaks and the environment is recovering.

What can we do to slow this process at our lake? Phosphorus is the main problem that causes the algae blooms. Limiting phosphorus is the key to slowing changes. The ways to keep our lake’s health are:

? Keep the leaves and grass out of the lake,

? Pump your septic tank every 3 years,

? Control the discharge into the lake of ditches

Other solutions are dredging the sediment or chemically locking the phosphorus in the sediment making it unavailable for use in the environment.

We have been monitoring the lake for years. This year the PALMS meeting provided a computer APP to report our results. This will allow us to share our lake health with others all around the world. This APP has scientists monitoring the results all the time, so we can contribute, and they will give us feedback too. Algae is also a worldwide problem and getting worse in some parts of the world.

Other subjects covered at the meeting were dredging, lake management, shore line habitat, lake observer APP, phosphorus, invasive plants, watersheds and how they relate to your lake.

This was a good meeting over two days

Summer will be here soon. Enjoy the lake but remember to protect the lake as you use it. Be safe, see you on the water.

Check out the newsletter for some information from the meeting you may find interesting.

Have a safe fun summer

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