Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Presidents Message    
Greetings to all Lakeside Outing Club Members.

Welcome to all Page Lake neighbors. We went through another interesting winter. Not as warm as last year but the ice was still on and off the lake. Snow was normal until the 32"snow in March. Thatís not as much fun as I remembered! 32" is a lot of snow to do something with, but it did not last long with the March sun. A few days the ice was extremely smooth. Enough to entice me into ice skating again. The ice is much harder than it used to be when you fall.

The boards went in late again this year to help people with projects. We had so much rain this spring the lake filled up with the boards out several times.

Last year we had problems with the weed harvester. The pontoons just have too many leaks. It would fill too fast to use. We are going to give up on the harvester and sell it. Just too much to fix. We did try the Rodeo spray to kill the weeds last year in selected areas. It was far better results than cutting the weeds. This is the way to go for lily pad control. The pads must come up before we can spray them. After the spray they are gone in a week or two. We will just do the same areas as in the past around docks, not every pad on the lake.

We still have no word from DEP on dam alterations. We feel it will be some time. Money will be set aside and we will move on to other projects.

I have been working with PENNDOT about the settling basins on route 492. Their engineers are working on a better design. The basin at Watson hill keeps washing out and not filtering the muddy water into the lake. I hope to get new basins installed this year.

In my travels, I get to talk to other people on other lakes and I know how fortunate we are at Page Lake. Our lake has no problems like other lakes. We all get along with no infighting. You all need to pat yourselves on the back and look out at the lake and smile.

WE are truly what makes the lake.

Have a safe fun summer

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