Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Presidents Message    
Greetings to all Lakeside Outing Club Members.

Welcome to spring 2019 at Page Lake. Last year we had over 70" of rain not much for fun at the lake. I think we all hope to see much more sun this year.

We have been busy last year with planting new trees and taking down unsafe trees on the club property.

Last fall a study of the silt in the lake was completed. Six areas were noted as needing dredging. The area by the island has as much as 3' of silt on the bottom. We are in contact with a dredging company in the area to get some estimates and planning done pertaining to cost and potential locations for the spills. We will have more information by the meeting in July.

The board has hired a engineering firm in Montrose to help spearhead the sewers. I think with their help and background we will be finally be able to obtain sewers sooner than later. They have a vast amount of experience in both designing systems and getting the needed people to complete each needed task with the many agencies. You may be required to upgrade any old electric fuse boxes or limited power panel boxes. Now is the time to start planning and doing this so you don't have all the bills at one time.

Pontoon boats were addressed during the off season. Pontoon boats were never not allowed just no one asked about them until now. The board has new rules for pontoon boats. Maximum length is 20 ft long, no larger than 25 hp allowed. This will be counted as one of your 4 boats. The boats may not congregate or block traffic in the traffic flow areas.

We have a party planned for the summer at Green Gables, please make a effort to attend and have some fun with your neighbors. More information inside this news letter.

As always big thank you to all the people who volunteer their time to make our club function .. Thank You!

Have a safe dry summer ...

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