Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania

Page Lake Membership Information


The dues for the year are $150 per share. Payment of $150.00 per share must be made by June 15th.

Please also include your e-mail address so we can update you with any LOC news.

A special thank you to all who pay their dues on time. It really helps minimize the work we do. We have very few delinquents. Please note the following: There is a $15 per share late fee if not paid by June 15th. Dues and assessments must be paid by June 15th to participate in the annual meeting. There is an additional $35 per share late fee if not paid by Sept 1st. Lake rights can be permanently lost if dues and/or fees are delinquent.

Boat Storage

The fee for storage this winter will be $100.00. There is a waiting list. If your payment is not received by June 15th, you will lose your place. Please send payment with your dues. After June 15 any spots that are open will be offered to those on the waiting list. If you want to be put on the waiting list, send in your request with your dues to the Membership Coordinator. All boats must be removed from the clubhouse before Memorial Day weekend and can be put in storage after Labor Day weekend.


Most areas have road committees and maintain the roads through donations. Please support their efforts by having 100% participation and timely payments. It would be a good reminder to pay your road dues at the same time as your membership dues. Also, help out by rotating this job so some unlucky person does not get stuck with it year after year. Every shareholder is responsible for his or her property that abuts the roads. If there is a ditch along the road, which is on your property, it is your responsibility to keep it clean. Failure to keep the ditches clean results in water running onto the road, which causes erosion and increased maintenance.


ALL watercraft MUST have decals and only shareholders can put watercraft on the lake. There is a maximum of 6 watercraft per share and only 1 motorboat may be over 15 HP. - maximum 60 HP, Pontoon boats shall have a maximum of 25 HP (Reminder – Only one watercraft with a motor greater than 15HP).

Boats having a dry weight of more than 1000 lbs will not be permitted on the lake. Pontoon boats shall have a dry weight maximum of 2000 lbs. All boats registered with the Lakeside Outing Club, Inc. before 9/1/2007 are permitted.

Boats shall be a maximum of 16 feet 6 inches in length. Pontoon boats shall be a maximum of 20 feet in length. All boats registered with the Lakeside Outing Club, Inc. before 9/1/2007 are permitted.

Boat Decals

Our decals adhere to fiberglass as well as the new boat material (polyethylene) that is being used in paddleboats. Anyone having decals on their boats that are not legible will be required to purchase new ones.

The price will be $15.00 for a set of two. Decals can be purchased from the Membeship Coordinator.

Pontoon boats are not permitted to have towables (e.g. Skiers, Tubes, Kneeboards, etc.).

All boats shall not anchor in the middle of the lake and are not permitted to connect to other boats in the middle of the lake or to impede the general flow of traffic.


Motor boating for skiing and pleasure riding will be from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. or sunset whichever comes sooner. Operation of power craft outside of these hours must be done at no more than idling speed (5mph or less). All watercraft must be operated in a counterclockwise direction always keeping to the right. After sunset all watercraft shall display a light visible from 100 feet in all directions per state regulations. Remember the maximum horsepower is 60 hp and maximum speed is 40mph. If anyone is found in violation of this rule they will be given 10 days to get the boat off of the lake. Non-compliance could result in loss of lake rights.

Docks & Work Affecting the Lake

Written permission must be obtained from the board of directors for the installation, repair or modification of all docks, piers, rafts, jetties and floats to be built on or in the lake, which is club property. Permission is also required when any modification to the shoreline such as bulkheads or seawalls is to be made. In addition, any work planned affecting the lake such as removal of vegetation, treating the bottom around your dock with stone or sand, dredging around your dock to change the depth of water modifying the shoreline or bulkhead in any way also needs written approval of the plans from the Board of Directors.

Annual permission is hereby given to shareholders to have approved docks, floats, boat lifts or modifications to the shoreline. This notice is a renewal of previously granted permission.


You can now make donations to the Lakeside Outing Club, Inc. as a memorial etc., please contact the Secretary for details.

Clubhouse Rental

The clubhouse is available for rental during the summer for your special parties. Please contact the Membership Coordinator/Secretary for open dates. The clubhouse must be left clean after use. No one may take items from the clubhouse without the permission of an officer.

Real Estate Transactions

Anyone selling property on and around Page Lake should direct questions with regard to Lake Rights or stock transfers to the Secretary for a written reply in order to avoid complications. If you transfer Lake Property to a family member, trust, LLC or other legal entity by deed, the share associated with that property is retired and an application for a new certificate of stock is required. Remember only shareholders can have boats and other access privileges to the lake.

Rental Properties

Reminder: It is the deeded owner's responsibility to make sure that their renters know and abide by the rules and regulations of the LAKESIDE OUTING CLUB, INC. If your renters break the rules, your membership and lakes rights can be in jeopardy. Please insure they know of and abide by our rules. We appreciate your continued cooperation.

  1) Renters are NOT allowed to bring in their own boats.

  2) Renters are NOT allowed to use any motorboat over 15 hp.

  3) Renters must be aware of the NO swimming, NO floating in excess of 50' from shore.

  4) Renters must obey our Rules and Regulations.


It is everyone's responsibility to keep our lake safe. If you see someone breaking the rules and/or acting in a manner contrary to our regulations you have the right and responsibility to approach that person. If you would like support, contact your director and/or go with a friend or neighbor.

Boating & Fishing Rules

NEW FISHING RULE!! - There shall be a "catch and release" mandate in effect for all large mouth bass caught from October 15th thru April 1st each year. All large mouth bass caught during this time must be released.  

We are under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania State even though we are a private lake. The game warden visits occasionally and does issue tickets that carry a hefty fine. Remember if you are approached that he is doing his job and the rules are in place to keep us all safe. You MUST have a fishing license. You must abide by the boating laws of the state. Make sure children are in life jackets and that the life jackets fit them properly. An oversized jacket will NOT save their life if they go over. Make sure that the proper numbers of life jackets are in the boat for the adults. All rules and regulations of the state must be obeyed. When boating, remember the following:

 • There must be a spotter when you are pulling someone behind the boat. Even if it is a tube and they are a good swimmer.

 • Make sure the driver is always looking forward and the spotter looking backwards. Too often, we see both looking back when    starting to pull someone behind the boat or both looking forward once the boat is underway.

 • Boating ends at 8pm or when the sun goes down.

 • Make sure all passengers in the boat are sitting in the seats. No sitting on the top of seats of the sides of the boat.

 • Do not drive the boat in tight circles with the engine in a high throttle position. It is very easy to lose control of the boat.

 • Maintain a great distance between boats, swimmers, docks, and the shoreline. In order to protect and maintain our lake for the    enjoyment of all the shareholders it is imperative that the Rules and Regulations and the By-Laws are strictly adhered to. Please    contact your director or an officer if you see someone in violation and you do not feel comfortable confronting him or her yourself.

The following documents are available for download by clicking the document title:

 • Lakeside Outing Club, Inc., By-Laws

 • Lakeside Outing Club, Inc., Rules & Regulations2

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