Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Fishing Contest    

Fishing Contest

by Mike Keller

It’s hard to believe that 28 years have passed where I had the opportunity to fish our lake. For the most part, fishing for bass has been very good but the last ten have been exceptionally good. Ninety percent of the bass entered and won in the contest were over 4 pounds while three topped 5 pounds.

In the early years we caught more pickerel than bass. I have seen the lake where there were so many weeds that there was hardly any open water. I have also seen the lake where fishermen couldn't catch a bass for weeks. There was never difficultly in catching perch although I do receive comments that we don’t catch as many crappies (calico) as we did years ago.

There is no exact science to fish stocking of a lake because we cant really see whats in the water. As fisherman we believe the lake is great if the fishing is good but there are many variables that affect fish and the ability to catch them. I can say that most who fish our lake are happy with the results since there is always panfish action and an occasional five pound bass or large channel catfish being caught.

Last year we had the opportunity to stock larger bass in the 6-8 inch range. We stocked over 550 fish and the results have been very positive. Thanks to the Bloss and Cole family for helping in the pouring rain. Throughout the summer, fall and winter ice, fisherman were often catching these fish that have now grown to the 9-12 inch range. Traditionally we purchased smaller less expensive bass that sort of disappeared as the seasons progressed. These larger bass continue to survive and grow. They will provide years of quality catches

2020 Champ

Michael B. Keller First Place Fish

2020 2nd Place

Rons 2nd Place Fish

Michael B Keller was the first Place Winner with a 4.26 pound bass. Michael makes it up to the lake only a couple of times a year but produces and caught a nice one. Ron Stuiso placed second with a bass just over 4 pounds.

The Bass contest starts on opening day which is Saturday, June 13 and runs until noon Labor Day, September 17. Entry fee is $20. Please contact Allen Clark or me to enter and learn more of the details. Eligibility is open to members and their guests. You must confirm participation one day before weighing in a fish.

We tried running a Junior Division bass contest but found that there was a lack of participation. We decided instead to encourage members to send pictures of their children/guest’s catch. Here are some pictures that were sent in. Special prizes are awarded to those who are pictured with their catch.

Madeline DeShane

Madeline DeShane - Jim Busby's Granddaighter

Matt & Ryan Cunnigham

Matt & Ryan Cunningham

Braden Darrow

Anastasia and Alexis check out Braden Darrow's bass

Please send me your photo’s, fish tale as well as any requests. I can be reached at or cell 732 395 1546. Please practice CPR (Catch, Photo, Release).

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