Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Fishing Contest    

Fishing Contest

by Mike Keller

The 2016 largemouth bass season was a good one. Reports from our anglers were favorable even through the summer. Habitually, the spring bass bite is always better because of their hungry appetites and little cover for food fish to hide. It always slows down after the 4th of July especially as the water temperature climbs.

Ron Stuiso caught the largest bass in the adult contest weighing in at 4.49 lb. He also caught the second largest bass but the contest rules provide that only one bass per entrant is allowed. The second-place winner was Ronís brother Rich Stuiso.

2016 1st Place

This fish put a big smile on Ron's face.

In the junior contest, there was a tie for the biggest fish. Carson Beamer and cousin Jarrett Deninny (grandchildren of Jim and Renee Brady) both weighed in a 2.97 lb. bass.

2016 Junior CoChamp

Carson Beamer

2016 Junior CoChamp

Jarrett Deninny

Although there was a good pick of bass, there werenít many small ones caught. Most were over 10 inches which is nice but the absence of smaller bass could have an effect in the future. The fish committee decided to hold off on stocking in anticipation of the dam improvements which may necessitate a substantial lowering of the lake. We anticipated to be further along with having the design approved but it appears that additional time will be required. This means that we will probably not stock again this year which will impact future fishing.

Another development that could impact the fish population is the application of an herbicide to control lily pads. Itís called Rodeo and according to studies it does a good job in killing lily pads without harming fish. The grass carp have made a substantial impact in removing the softer weeds. The application of Rodeo will now be used to remove lily pads. Both are successful means of controlling lake growth but they also impact the ecology of the lake. We all need to be sensitive to establishing a balance between having a healthy lake with great fishing and one with minimal fish habitat.

Anyone wishing to enter the 2017 fishing contest should contact Alan Clarke or me at (

The free fishing days when a license is not required are Memorial Day on May 28th and the 4th of July.

Practice FISH CPR (Catch, Photo & Release).

Send me your fishing pictures whether you are in the contest or not

2017 Patience

Patience pays off for Maxton Ksenich

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