Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Fishing Contest    

Fishing Contest

by Mike Keller

Fishing was very good last year. Our local anglers reported nice catches of large mouth bass and super size crappies (calico bass). Perch continue to be the dominant species in our lake followed by panfish (bluegills and sunfish), bullhead catfish, pickerel an occasional channel catfish or regular carp. Most of are perch are small but there are larger and wiser perch in the 8-12 inch range. The grass carp that were stocked in 2009 continue to be visible feeding on our lake soft weeds. There are no reports of any being caught and that is a challenge. They are over 3 feet and spook easily when disturbed. Some of the calico that are being caught are considered huge in the 12-14 inch range. They mostly bite in cold spring or fall water temperatures but on occasion will hit during the summer.

Last year we only stocked largemouth bass in two sizes 4-6 inch and larger 8 inch bass. Throughout the fishing season lake fishermen noticed that some of the larger fish were primarily being caught. By the fall these fish were in the 11-13 inch range while only a few of the smaller fish (which should have grown to 8-9 inches) were caught. This tends to support the belief that the smaller stocked 4-6 inch bass are disappearing as a result of being eaten by larger predator fish. We will continue to try to purchase the larger bass providing they are available.

2019 Champ

Rons First Place Fish

2019 2nd Place

Richs 2nd Place Fish

The Stuiso Brothers came in first and second place in the 2018 Lakeside Outing Club Bass contest. Ronís fish weighed in at 4.17 and Richís came in at 4.07. Rich does not need a boat to weigh in a large bass since heís known for catching them from the shoreline.

We encourage more members or their guests to enter the contest. It runs from the opening day of bass season (June 15th) until noon on Labor Day (September 2). Please contact either Allen Clark or me for the details. Also be advised that on May 27th (Sunday of Memorial Day weekend) and July 4th (Independence Day) are free fishing days when a license is not required.

If you have a fish picture please send it to me. If you have a child's picture with a fish, it could result in a prize for the fisherman.

If you have a fish picture please send it to me. If you have a child's picture with a fish, it could result in a prize for the fisherman.

Shae Stuiso

Shane Stuiso

Max Ksenich

Max Ksenich

This winter provided decent ice from mid February to mid March and it was a welcome sight to see activity on the lake. There were numerous weekends that the fishermen were active, some with ATVís and on the ice. Getting some outdoor exercise while enjoying fishing during the cold season makes the winter pass a little quicker. There were even larger groups with cookers, tents and heaters enjoying the winter benefits of our lake.

Although I only had one weekend to poke some holes through 12 inches of ice, I did manage to catch perch, pickerel, a 19 inch bass and a bullhead. The bite was slow but it did produce a grand slam.

Overall, the quality of our fish reflect the healthy ecology of our lake.

If you have pictures, reports or fish tales please send them to me at or 732-395-1546. Please practice CPR (Catch, Photo and Release).

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