Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Fishing Contest    

Fishing Contest

by Mike Keller

The 2017 bass season proved to be a good one. Page Lake anglers were pleased with numerous decent size fish caught and verified by numerous weigh – in′s. All fish were released. It all goes to prove that our stocking effort, especially those over the last few years has resulted in quality and healthy size fish. Therefore, we will continue to stock largemouth bass this year. There are plenty of perch in the lake that will continue to provide food for the largemouths. Last year we stocked 600 (4-5 inch) bass and 300 bluegills to continue this effort. Our thanks to Burr Darrow and Alan Clarke who assisted in the distribution of fish at various locations.

2018 Bass Stocking

Alan placing fish in the lily pads.

First Place in the Adult Fishing Contest was yours truly with a largemouth just over 5 lbs. The Second Place winner was Ron Stuiso. Anyone that wants to participate in the contest that runs from opening day of bass season (June 16th) until noon on Labor Day (September 3rd) contact Alan Clarke or me at 732-395-1546 or . All adult entrants must be registered prior to weighing in a fish.

2018 Champ

Mike and A 5 punder

2018 2nd Place

Ron with 4 pounder

If you are under 16 there will not be any pre registration this year. There will be a prize for the largest bass and possibly other large fish caught in our lake. Contact Alan or myself for a weigh in and picture. The Junior Contest is open to Association members and their immediate family.

Ken Bloss's Grandson

Ken Bloss's Grandson

Ryan Stuiso

Ryan Stuiso

Ryan Stuiso

Alan Clarke

On a personal note I must mention the unusual experience encountered while fishing on a July evening on the north end of the lake. There were no boats around where I was fishing when I noticed a small animal swimming about 250 feet from my boat. It came from the shoreline and was headed towards the middle of the lake. I continued to fish and I′m thinking, maybe a snake but no zigzag. Probably a muskrat I thought. Didn′t pay much attention until I noticed that the animal did a 180 and was headed back to the shoreline. I pulled out my camera setting the zoom on and randomly shot away. I silently trolled up to the area as the animal climbed the shoreline and couldn′t believe my eyes. I checked my camera and sure enough there was a picture of the animal swimming and below is picture proof of what I witnessed.

2018 Swimming Bunny

The swimming Rabbit

Some say it′s a “harey tale” but I′ve spoke to numerous fisherman including conservation officers and not one had ever witnessed a swimming rabbit. So Page Lake has one so keep you eyes open.

Free fishing days where you do not need a fishing license are Sunday of Memorial Day weekend May 28 and July 4th.

Send me your pictures or fishing tales and you may find them in our newsletter. Don′t forget to practice CPR (Catch, Release and Photo)

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