Page Lake, Susquehanna County Pennsylvania
Board Goals    

Page Lake Board of Directors Goals

Here are our goals for our organization that we would like to share with you and solicit your support:

Dam Maintenance and Water Quality

First and most importantly is to insure that the dam stays in great condition and the water quality remains high. The lake is the reason we all come here and it is the reason our properties have such a high value to us. We need to ensure that maintaining the lake and lake property, through the efficient use of membership dues, preserves the stockholders value.


We all need to promote safety on the lake. This comes with some good work from us all. It would be a terrible thing if there were an accident and any of our members or guests were injured.

Weed & Algae Control

We are challenged, like most area lakes, with increasing lake vegetation and algae, and the inflow of sedimentation all of which can throw the lake out of balance as well as deteriorate the natural beauty of the lake. We must continue to maintain our ongoing weed and algae control measures, and continue to look for new ones to maintain a healthy lake.

Fish Management

We have a great fishing lake but we need to manage it to accommodate heavy usage. We believe we should be able to improve the fishing of the lake with some investment in research into fish management techniques. Towards that goal, we are continuing to enhance our stocking techniques and encouraging members to "catch and release".

Lake Beautification

We would like to see us improve the beauty of the association property and make it fit in with natural beauty of the lake. We would also like to encourage the same for the members' properties.

Community Cooperation

We believe the reason there is such great cooperation in maintaining the lake stems from the friendships the members share with each other. We think we need to continue to sow the seeds of being good neighbors and fostering friendships within our lake community.

Association Participation

And finally, the members of the Board of Directors would like to encourage more diverse participation in the association management. We believe there is great value in doing this and we risk stagnation of ideas if we don't.

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